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Industry is a key sector for the global economy, intensive manufacturing companies work in 24 by 24h.

From the food industry, metallurgical industry, automotive sector, aviation etc. all of them lack back-up power with capacity to support 100% of the loads and work in 24h regimes.

Hannaik has extensive experience in industrial installations, from project design to turnkey installation in any part of the world.


Whether it is backup power for a telecommunication tower in the Middle East or primary power for switchgear installations in the Nordic countries, HANNAIK can work with telecommunications clients around the world for projects of this nature.

What makes us exceptionally qualified to meet your telecommunications needs?

Our team of experts, the manufacturing site in Portugal - Europe, as well as our knowledge of the telecommunications industry.

Strong points:
• Pre-integrated power systems
• Systems engineering and design
• Project management
• Installation and commissioning
• Formation
• Remote monitoring
• Service & Support

The power of telecommunications is a multi-billion dollar industry that relies on constant innovation, service delivery, and ultra-reliable infrastructures to compete and win.

Trade and Retail

Shopping malls are increasingly the haven of shopping for the population. Shopping centers can house more than 10,000 people at the same time.

Back-up power is critical to the safety of people and also for the commercial buildings.

Hannaik has a great experience in designing shopping center projects as our references can prove.


Increasingly there is a concern for safety and comfort of domestic aplications.

For this type of small power applications HANNAIK developed several super soundproof solutions from 3 to 15kVA.

We have several applications developed and installed in small and large private houses.

Rental and Construction

The construction and rental of machines is constantly growing.

More and more the builders rent equipment and deliver the machines to specialists.

Rental generators must have many dedicated features, from special and reinforced chassis, cabins prepared for all types of corrosive environments, fast connections, high resistance motors, alternators prepared for all types of applications, etc.

HANNAIK works with several customers who rent equipment and therefore has extensive experience in this sector of activity.


Life support systems, cardiac monitors, operating room lights, computer systems filled with critical patient data; perhaps no facility has more interest in its walls than a Hospital.

Whether the project is a specialized clinic, the construction of new hospitals or the expansion of an existing facility, HANNAIK offers a complete line of technologically advanced energy systems for every health application.

We offer everything from generator sets to parallel systems, HANNAIK systems meet local, regional and national requirements for energy, safety and environmental considerations.

Our global reach enables us to deliver critical power systems that maximize reliability and efficiency.


Airplanes, boats and trains use very high frequencies like 400HZ, as well 2 kinds of corrents AC and DC.

HANNAIK has developed several models to work at 400Hz in AC and DC, with various types of voltages, from 28 to 200V.

We were the first company in Portugal to develop these products and we are the first in the world to supply 400hz / 200V AC at 40 meters away.

That is why we consider specialists in this kind of products.

Data Center

The steady stream of data is the lifeblood of today's information-based economy!

Data center facilities require reliable on-site emergency power to ensure uninterrupted access to these critical data.

With some applications already carried out, HANNAIK has the skills to develop each project.

From the design to the manufacturing, we are with our customers throughout all phases of your Data Center construcion.

Our projects for this type of applications include the following elements:
• Design of total energy solution system
• Complete range of diesel and gas generator sets, ATS and monitoring
• Fully trained and available service.
• Engineering, installation and commissioning support
• Dedicated team for project management

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