Technical assistance

Heavy range & Power Plants

Generators from the heavy range are suitable solutions for intensive use in areas such as industry, commerce, telecom, data centers, transport, construction, health, events, etc.

This range integrates solutions with a power range from 800 kVA to 3500 kVA, 50 Hz or 60 Hz of frequency and different fuel types such as: diesel, gas, hfo, biodiesel and biogas.

Generators from the heavy range may work with automatic start-ups or operate in parallel with any other power source.

HANNAIK builds this range under the principle of a modular construction, which guarantees easy maintenance and more evolutionary capacity of equipment.

This range is composed by ISO and soundproofed sea containers with C5M painting, emergency doors with anti-panic bars and internal lighting adapted to use / maintenance areas.

The heavy range also includes external signs of operating mode (optional), as well as a series of extras compatible with our clients' needs, application and use requirements.

We provide 24/7 technical assistance and warranty from 6-48 months on a reserve mode or continuous operation.

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