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Fast electric vehicle chargers

HANNAIK is proud to present its fast and ultra fast charging solution, able of transferring energy from 50kW to 150kW.

Produced with made in Europe parts, our electric vehicle chargers are safe and reliable products with dynamic power factor control. They are based on the latest high frequency power electronics techniques, like SiC semiconductors, recognized by their excellent performance (with an efficiency up to 94%).

With a small size and lightness, our vehicle chargers are perfect for public and outdoor use. The fast range of chargers includes:

  • 50kW DC charging station (CCS and CHAdeMO) and 43kW in AC Type2 mode.
  • 150kW DC charging station (CCS with possibility of charging at 1000V and CHAdeMO) and 43kW in AC mode.
  • 50kW DC charging station with the possibility of upgrading to other power levels up to 150kW (CCS with the possibility of charging at 1000V and CHAdeMO) and 43kW in AC mode.

Additionaly to these products, HANNAIK also supplies complementary products to this range of products, such as touchscreen interfaces and contactless payment modules.

We provide 24/7 technical assistance and warranty from 6-48 months on a reserve mode or continuous operation.

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