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Light Towers

HANNAIK light towers powered by Italtower are robust, durable and with an excellent price-quality ratio, designed to meet practically all lighting needs, from use in construction sites, events and/or industry.

HANNAIK has three types of light towers: the battery light tower, more environmentally friendly models, quieter and with an estimated autonomy of more than 60 hours; the diesel light tower, for use in adverse weather conditions and with control units that guarantee the protection of the engine and its components; and, finally, the simple light tower (without engine), connected to a power generator or the electrical power network, allowing not only to reduce carbon dioxide emissions but also to reduce noise.

Battery light towers

Battery light towers are a real innovation! Equipped with 4x160W MultiLed lights in place of the engine they have 12x2V batteries powering the light tower for 60+ hours. The dimmerable LED headlights guarantee an optimal use of the battery so the power of the LED headlights can be alternated ...

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Diesel light towers

Diesel light towers are built with high quality Italian engines that guarantee high performances and low fuel consumption. These types of light towers can be used in various circumstances and in different climatic conditions thanks to their resistance to high / low ...

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Simple Light towers

Simple light towers built without engine can be connected to a power supply network or to a generator, guaranteeing high performance and saving fuel and maintenance. This range of lighting towers can be used in several circumstances thanks to the absence of CO2 and noise emissions. Our wide range ...

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We provide 24/7 technical assistance and warranty from 6-48 months on a reserve mode or continuous operation.

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