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HANNAIK offers a wide range of generators, water pumps and auxiliary equipment for many applications

HANNAIK manufactures different types of equipment, such as: portable, industrial and heavy range generators, as well as power plants, firefighting plants and sells all types of accessories for these kinds of materials. This range of products allows us to be present in a wide range of industries, such as: agriculture, industry, civil construction, electrical installations, HVAC, hydraulic installations, infrastructures, among others.

Our work policy is also based on the provision of equipment rental, installation, assistance, repair and maintenance services, resulting from the study, previously performed to the needs of the client. More than the simple delivery of the equipment in the place, we are concerned to explain its operation and its use.

HANNAIK guarantees the manufacturing quality of its products through the issuance of a Warranty Certificate for a period of 12 to 24 months, without limit of hours of use and with services enabled for an immediate technical response.

HANNAIK is part of the prestigious Marques dos Santos Group (MSGROUP) business group, with more than 50 years of existence.

The MSGROUP is composed by 13 companies in 3 geographical areas, distributors in more than 45 countries and around 260 employees. Currently, the MSGROUP family is diversified in the following areas: machinery and tools, machines technical assistance, cutting tools industry and dies, technical projects, engineering and licensing, energy and water solutions, cooking and garden and digital marketing.

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The sense of innovation and the leadership capacity allows us to overcome roots giving rise to new projects taking, for example, the HANNAIK internationalization in full development process. Underlying this project is the new reality of the markets. Our customers also experience this irreversible dynamic. Being with them in the most varied places where they develop their new experiences is a design that we want to respond by saying present. In countries where our presence is already a reality, as well as in others where, in the future, we seek through our modus operandi: to be recognized by the values that the history of HANNAIK forces us.
The relationship with customers and suppliers, but also with the various sectors of society, is based on seriousness and trust, aiming, therefore, to be a reference in the means in which our activity develops. Innovate and create presupposes implementing and executing.
The success of this objective is achieved by cohesive, dynamic teams in which each element assumes and develops its responsibilities while keeping the company's final direction at the same time.
The permanent technological evolution demands from us the responsibility of following up. Our structure has, over the years, demonstrated this capability. To pursue the path of success presupposes a restless spirit and ready to embrace new paths.
It is up to each and everyone of us to take the responsibility of contributing to the construction of our future. Each and every one will try to be more entrepreneurial, more daring and innovative in discovering solutions, in the vision of opportunities and, above all, in the perception that the term collaborator is undoubtedly the best attribute of the worker.
The above assumptions and proposals will thus be truly feasible. Tomorrow we will be a stronger, cohesive and international company.
With the contribution and the commitment of all, we will certainly succeed.

Luís Cruz (General Manager)


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