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HANNAIK is a company that produces energy and water equipment and is focused to research, develop and manufacture products, that help to solve several adversities of humanity.

We manufacture several equipment such as: portable generators for domestic and professional use, generators for industrial and marine use, diesel and gas power plants, electric and gas Ground Power Units, electrical boards, firefighting boosters,pressure boosters and engine pumps.
We represent prestigious brands oftransformers, electric vehicle chargers, light towers, domestic solar inverters for self-consumption and industrial solar inverters for solar parks.

This product range and services allow us to be present in the most diversesectors, such as: telecommunications, healthcare, retail, agriculture, industry, civil construction, electrical and hydraulic installations, infrastructure, among others.

Our working policy is also based on providing spare parts, equipment rental, installation, technical assistance, personalized repairs and maintenance, resulting from previous analysis to the needs of our customers. More than delivering the equipment on-site, our main concern is to explain its operation and its correct use.

HANNAIK guarantees the manufacturing quality of its products through the issuance of a Warranty Certificate for a period of 12 to 24 months, without limit on hours of use and with qualified services for an immediate technical response.

The preference of our customers and the technicaland working expertise of our team are the pillars of our growth.


For the Research, Development and Innovation, make sense! Means that implementation and execution, must have the same speed of the need!

The sense of Research, Innovation, optimization, adaptation, internationalization and competitiveness of HANNAIK, allows a leadership capacity, as well as overcoming roots giving form to new projects having, for example, the change of industrial direction for a sustainable future.

The new challenges of HANNAIK like; legal from European environmental directives, competitive from the orient, technological, qualitative and unexpected pandemics; have made HANNAIK more stronger, more solid and resistant every day.

The permanent technological evolution demands on our part the responsibility to know how to follow it without pauses and without detours. Our structure has, over the years, demonstrated great agility and adaptability. Pursuing the path of success presupposes a restless, attentive spirit and always ready to embrace new paths.

Our customers are also experiencing this irreversible dynamic, being with them is a purpose to which we want to respond by saying - We are present!
In countries where our presence is already a reality, as well as in others where this happens in the future, we seek through our modus operandi to be recognized for the values of HANNAIK.

The relationship with customers, partners, allies and suppliers is based on seriousness and trust, thus aiming to be a reference in the means in which our activity is developed.

For the Research, Development and Innovation, make sense! Means that implementation and execution in HANNAIK, must have the same speed of the need!
For this reason, Hannaik has made the seemingly impossible possible.

HANNAIK's success has been achieved with cohesive and dynamic teams in which each element assumes and develops its responsibilities, keeping the focus on its individual mission and simultaneously, in the company's final target.

Each and every one will try to be; more daring and innovative entrepreneurs in the discovery of technological solutions.

It is up to each one, and all of us, the purpose of assuming the responsibility of contributing to the construction of a sustainable future.

Tomorrow HANNAIK will be more stronger, more cohesive, more innovative company with a strong international scope.

With everyone's contribution and commitment, we will certainly succeed!

Luís Cruz (General Manager)


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