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HANNAIK has installed an energy system in Angola

Julho from 2018 - Angola

HANNAIK has recently been challenged by an Angolan customer to define and implement an energy system capable to generate energy in public network failure situations and to reduce its consumption in situations of inactivity or consum requirements.

Angola is a country with energy weaknesses and the failure of public energy and its restoring constitute regular adversities in the country. For that reasons, generators are excellent solutions for bridging these energy failures.

In this particular case, our client has already had a power generator of 60 kVA in a reserve system and wanted more power during the working period, reducing its consumption during the night and maintaining the solution previously acquired.

Thus, HANNAIK was challenged to find an economic solution that could, on the one hand, respond to the reduction in fuel consumption and, on the other hand, to maintain the existing energy solution, without synchronized and parallel systems.

Given the challenge presented, HANNAIK has proposed the acquisition of a 110kVA power generator, an inverter framework (with three energy input sources) and a special charge controller. In this way and through this special controller, it was possible to manage the three available networks (Public Network, 60 kVA power generator used and a new 110 kVA generator) and generate energy, always prioritizing the public network and in the event of energy failure, the use of power generators in accordance with the loading requirements consumed.

All equipment was tested and parameterized in the factory for a simple and on-site installation by the customer.

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