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HANNAIK has developed a 3MVA Diesel Power Plant

Agosto from 2018 - International Projects

HANNAIK has been challenged by an engineering company (CPE) to develop a power plant in order to promote and ensure the proper functioning of a datacenter.

In response to the challenge, HANNAIK has designed and developed a 3 MVA diesel plant with 1600 kVA generators, with 85dba at a meter away and in sync. This solution was equipped with Perkins engines and air fuel tanks, as well as with double walls. HANNAIK has also integrated bus and synchronization tables as well as remote monitoring systems.

HANNAIK’s power plants are 100% customizable solutions, with only European components and high quality finishes. All of our solutions are based on a principle of modular construction, maximum flexibility, evolutionary capacity and easy maintenance, thereby ensuring a higher life of our equipment and more easily in terms of logistics and transport.

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