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Challenged by one adversity, we have created a simple and functional product, that is 100% designed for the user.

Keeping the modular-uncomplicated product concept and incorporating the brands of our strategic partners, we present this year in Munich the 1st Ground Power Unit (GPU) manufactured in Portugal.

We equip our Ground Power Units (GPUs) with the best engines of the renowned JONH DEERE brand, certified and high quality with 3-year warranty.

We designed a unique and modular cabine that allows with easy access to all GPU components.

Made of steel and prepared with the best level of corrosion protection form the C5M!

Our customer wanted a GPU of 120kVA at 400Hz, of 200V, 40 meters away from its airplanes with capacity to withstand peaks above 300A; but the standard is only at 20 meters.

For this purpose HANNAIK studied and developed a solution applying a dedicated and special Voltage drop line compensator for the intended solution of 40 meters.

This is probably the 1st Ground Power Unit that provides 120kVA/400Hz/200V at 40 meters away, all over the World!


The first Ground Power Unit or GPU is designed and manufactured in Portugal by HANNAIK.

Ground Power Unit or GPU designed and manufactured in Portugal by HANNAIK.

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