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Transformers for oil industry

In certain oil market applications, a standard transformer cannot be used due to frequency variation, harmonic distortion and the direct current component that exists during transients in the frequency converter's output voltage.

They can be risers or reducers and the most common applications are for oil extraction with electro submersible pumps, mill drives and similar equipment in applications for high voltage motors. We also develop Hexaphasic equipment for 12-pole rectifiers and transformers suitable for variable speed drives.

Suitable for powering electric motors in pumps. They have multiple taps to couple the inverter to different motor voltages or to different cable lengths.

These transformers are designed and manufactured according to the required technical specifications and prepared to work in extreme conditions and with low maintenance.

Performance Tests:
The routine tests specified in the Iram 2250 Standard are carried out on all transformers, the test protocol being delivered in each supply.
Type tests are carried out on request.

We provide 24/7 technical assistance and warranty from 6-48 months on a reserve mode or continuous operation.

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