Technical assistance

All the structure is made of round steel tube as in the previous model, however, this is more robust since it is all welded and reinforced, as shown in image 1.

Figura 1 - Estrutura tubular novo modelo

Image 1 – New tubular structure Model


It was also developed a new kit of handles (image 2) and wheels (image 3) completely different from the previous ones.


Figura 2 - kit de punhos

Image 2 – Handles Kit


Figura 3 - Kit de rodas

Image 3 – Wheels Kit


The handles and wheels kits are supplied complete with assembly instructions, which allows the customer to easily install them. The handles kit is fixed to the structure using two hexagonal screws, with the corresponding self-locking washers and nuts. The wheels kit is also supplied with screws, washers and nuts.


In images 4 and 5 it is possible to see some details of the whole structure.

Geradores portáteis possuem uma nova estrutura tubular

Image 4 – Tubular Structure


Figura 5-Pormenor batente kit punhos

Image 5-Detail of the handle kit


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