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Even though we live in times of rapid change, if social norms do not follow up with technology, it becomes obsolete. This situation becomes evident with the use of electric vehicles, specifically at charging stations.


Any new user of electric vehicles (UVE) starts the experience by feeling some anxiety of autonomy (aka “range anxiety”) and tends to charge the vehicle’s batteries every time that park. If we think about it (and this is usually one of the reasons pointed out by resistant to the paradigm shift), drivers of internal combustion vehicles do not stop at service areas whenever they drive or when the tank is half full.


To help users with the etiquette related to the use of charging stations, a BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) team, named SMART (Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team) teamed up with three digital design students and produced three animated videos that show the proper way to charge in public stations.


“Be kind and stay safe”: meet our three drivers who need to refresh their EV etiquette:


Olivia Overstayer drives an EV and takes too much time charging her vehicle, preventing other drivers from getting a chance to charge.

Ian Icer drives an ICE (internal combustion engine) car and parks in places designated for EV charging.


Peter Perker is an EV driver who thinks that the charging station is used for EV parking.


Thus, with these issues in mind, HANNAIK developed a methodology that helps to mitigate excessive time at the charging station. Our Fast EVO 50kW DC Charger and FAST MAX 150kW DC Charger allow you to simultaneously charge two electric vehicles in DC mode (one more in AC mode) avoiding the wait time while the EV charges and uses the station. Moreover, we are also developing an app that allows the user to remotely monitor the state of charge in real time. In conclusion, it helps you to not use, longer than necessary, the place intended for the charge.

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